Dear Students and Families,

I am delighted that you are going to be a part of the Faith Formation program at  Corpus Christi Parish this year.  We all find ourselves in this Spiritual Home to learn more about Jesus, the incredible mystery of His divine love, and the community of faith that He entrusted to His apostles and disciples that we call Church! 
Under the leadership of Mrs. Lily Hughson, our Director of Religious Education and Sacramental Preparation, we are grateful for all of our volunteer catechists who work very hard to be prepared for the Faith Formation classes.
Along with all of the parents and students, our Faith Formation program helps us to be the strong, Christ-centered parish that we are!
Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Mike Smith

Sacramental Preparation Requirements

At minimum 1 year of “ongoing Faith Formation” is required by all students expecting to celebrate any Sacrament of Initiation or Penance prior to the year in which the sacrament will be received. “Ongoing formation” continues during the second year and separately distinct immediate preparation sessions will be required of all Catholic school, home school, and parish faith formation students.

Sacraments are celebrations for the whole family and the entire parish. This is why we invite all parents of children in first grade, second grade and year 1 and 2 of sacramental preparation to join their children for the family sessions of Finding a Friend in Jesus.

These sessions are presented by a dedicated team of catechists with a common goal: to give the families a unique opportunity to learn and practice faith sharing and do hands-on activities together while meeting other families.

Nadine Skelton leads Year 1 and Norma Blanco along with Frankie Vera, Virginia Vera, and Rose Bland lead Year 2. Each year has a specific schedule. Please refer to the one that applies to your child.